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Lacunar Stroke Treatment

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Lacunar stroke is a dangerous problem that can cause serious disability or even death. When this type of stroke occurs, it must be treated as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. There are several possible treatments for lacunar strokes.

Specifics of Lacunar Strokes

Lacunar strokes are different from regular strokes. They occur in a deep area of the brain instead of the outer lobes. Lacunar strokes occur in a different way than other strokes; they are supplied blood by arteries that don’t taper off, so high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, or blood clots can all cause this type of stroke.

The symptoms of a lacunar stroke include difficulty speaking or walking, numbness, clumsiness, and paralysis of the face, eyes, or extremities.

Lacunar Stroke Treatment Options

When a person has had a lacunar stroke, they need to be treated right away. People who are treated very quickly after having the stroke have a much higher possibility of fully recovering.

One treatment option for people who have suffered a lacuner stroke is clot-thinning medication. It dissolves the clots that caused the stroke and helps regulate blood flow to the brain. These medicines can help ensure that brain damage is avoided. This type of treatment is usually given within three hours from the time the patient suffered a lacunar stroke.

Strokes that are not treated early enough can cause a person symptoms that could last months, or the stroke could cause permanent disability. Furthermore, blood-thinning medications are not useful for treating lacunar strokes, so they are not used.

Another treatment option for people who have suffered a lacunar stroke is aspirin. This medication Lacunar Stroke Treatmentis generally prescribed in larger doses around the first 48 hours after a lacunar stroke has been suffered. Aspirin is a very useful treatment that helps take away the cause of the stroke. Aspirin will help people who suffer from hypertension and those who smoke cigarettes or have diabetes mellitus. This medication is given to prevent people from suffering another stroke or multiple strokes.

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for people who have suffered a stroke and have become disabled or need rehabilitation for any reason. Physical therapy helps people regain mobility and range of motion, and it helps them to relearn any skills that may have been lost due to brain damage such as speaking, eating, and other basic skills. People who have suffered a stroke may need no physical therapy, while others might need extensive therapy that lasts several months.

People who suffer a very serious lacunar stroke will have to be hospitalized. The doctor will observe them to see if their symptoms worsen.


Lacunar strokes can be prevented by controlling or fixing the problems that can cause them. Hypertension needs to be controlled with proper medication and a diet that will lower blood pressure. Furthermore, heart disease and diabetes need to be kept under control with appropriate medication and lifestyle changes.

Lacunar strokes are a serious problem that needs to be treated quickly in order to prevent potential brain damage. Depending on the severity of the stroke and how quickly it is diagnosed, treatment will differ. Proper lacunar stroke treatment can be the difference between brain damage that causes a person to have to go through rehabilitation and symptoms that disappear within a few hours.

Lacunar Stroke Treatment
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