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Lacunar Infarct Treatment

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Lacunar infarct treatment works to restore function and limit the permanent damage from a stroke. If care begins quickly enough, some drug therapies will actually reverse the symptoms of the stroke fully. The key is to restore the blood supply to deep regions of the brain. With proper treatment, medical science can also reduce the risk of recurrence and correct underlying factors like high blood pressure. Understanding more about lacunar stroke will provide insight on treatment options.

What is a Lacunar Infarct?

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A lacunar infarct is a type of stroke caused by occlusion to the penetrating arteries going deep into the brain. Nestled under the outer layers of the brain are structures that regulate motor response and autonomic functions such as breathing. A blockage in one of the deep penetrating arteries such as the Circle of Willis, cerebellar arteries or basilar artery results is a disruption of blood to this area.

When blood is cut off due to a clot, the person begins show symptoms of Lacunar Stroke Syndrome. It is during this crucial time that lacunar infarct treatment is most effective. The goal is to break up the blockage in the affected artery and restore blood flow.

Symptoms of Lacunar Stroke Syndrome

The symptoms of this condition vary based the affected area of the brain. One can expect inability to move on one side of the body, for example. Other key indicators include:

Weakness localized to a specific region or side
Clumsiness the begins suddenly
Difficulty writing
Persistent numbness
Transient tingling or burning pain

Once symptoms start, getting lacunar infarct treatment becomes critical. Most treatment options need to begin within three hours of the event.

Treatment Options

Treatment for a lacunar infarct primarily focuses on reducing the clotting factors in blood. By thinning the blood, doctors can break up the blockage and restore flow deep into the brain. The sooner this happens, the better the patient prognosis. Physicians will take a multifaceted approach to treating this condition.

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Tissue plasminogen activator – a protein that breaks down blood clots. This will remove the blockage in the artery so brain structures get oxygen and fuel. Treatment with a tissue plasminogen activator such as Activase begins within the first three hours as long as there are no contraindications such as recent surgery.

High dose aspirin is the second treatment approach. This serves to thin the blood and reduce the likelihood of a new clot forming.

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Physiotherapy – brain cells will begin to die within just a few minutes after the stroke. This means some patients will suffer damage even with interventions to remove the clot. The use of physiotherapy can restore some function by helping to create alternative pathways that bypass the damaged areas.

People who suffer from a lacunar infarction have better survival rates than other forms of stroke. As many as 96 percent survive past 30 days and between 70 to 80 percent live independent lives one year of the event. Other forms of stroke, such as hemorrhagic, leave patients with a 50/50 chance of regaining independence.

Advance treatment options like tissue plasminogen activators and aspirin plus a better understanding of the condition increases the odds for those who face lacunar stroke. With proper emergency medical care, doctors can reverse the arterial blockage and reduce the effects of the brain.

Lacunar Infarct Treatment
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